Eden Park 3



  Completed in 1878 the two basins covered a total of 12 acres. The east basin retaining wall consisted of eight elliptical arches, each spanning 55'. The length was 1,250'. The width at the base was 48.5', tapering to 25' on the top walk. These basins were cleaned in alternate years and everything was found from wrecked cars to suicide victims. When ever this cleaning took place municipal picnics, complete with music and dancing were held inside the empty basin. Although chemical purification of city water began in 1907 at the new water plant upriver at California, the Eden Park reservoir remained in use. In the 1960s the stone retaining wall of the lower/eastern basin was largely removed and the basin filled in for ball fields. The upper/western basin was made deeper to increase its capacity to 80,000,000 gallons. The reservoir was used until 1965 when it was covered with a shallow 3/4 acre reflecting pool.
  The building with the tall stack you see in many of these cards was the old pumping station. Built in 1894 it was closed in the early twentieth century. In 1939 it was converted into the radio station for the Cincinnati Police Department.  It was station WKDU, 500 watts, at 1706 kilocycles. In the 1980s the facility was dismantled. I don't know what it is used for now.
  The first card gives you an excellent overhead view of the reservoir. The first card in the second row must have been taken from the opposite side of the reservoir looking towards Mt. Adams, otherwise it makes no sense to me at all. 

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Real Photo postcards


Not a postcard
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   The lithograph above shows the construction of the southern half of the reservoir. The 2nd image shows the reservoir being filled in 1906.


  The next nine cards show a hot house that was in the style of a Swiss cottage. It housed plants for viewing and cultivated flowers that were planted in Eden Park. This greenhouse was in use until the Krohn Conservatory was constructed in 1933. The Krohn Conservatory can be seen on the next page. The 3rd card below says Baker's Pass. That is what the carriage-way on top of the retaining wall was called. David Baker Pass was the public official who encouraged the reservoir project.

Reservoir-7.jpg (100748 bytes)    Reservoir-6.jpg (103566 bytes)    Reservoir-8-bakers pass.jpg (115648 bytes)    EP Reservoir-PO8.jpg (242027 bytes)    EP Reservoir aa.jpg (219495 bytes)

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   The two cards above have really been altered because they make no sense otherwise. The Ohio River is shown on the left and, in reality, is not possible. Compare these with all the other cards.

Reservoir-9.jpg (127277 bytes)     Reservoir-10.jpg (127139 bytes)     Kropp PMC-118.jpg (67704 bytes)     Eden Park Sta. 7  1430 Martin Dr..jpg (596982 bytes)     Eden Park Fire Alarm Telegraph Office-1939-88.jpg (489656 bytes)

   The building you see in the 3rd postcard and last two photographs above is the pumping station building you see with the smoke stack in all the cards above and below. Constructed in 1894 to supply the Ohio River water to the reservoir seen in these cards. Water was then fed to the large water tower (AKA Stand Pipe) in the park. High levels of pollution in the river led to the pumping station's shut down in 1907. In 1939 it was used by the Cincinnati Fire Department as their Fire alarm Telegraph Office (along with the one inside City Hall) seen in the last image above. The telegraph machine received signals from tripped fire alarm boxes and punched the box's number onto long reels of paper. Dispatch workers would then transmit this number to all engine companies. Each company had a set of cards listing which number boxes it was required to respond to. Fires were dispatched from this building until 1988 when the city began using 911 emergency response dispatch. On March 3, 1980 this building and the Stand Pipe were added to the National Register of Historic Places. The structure has been vacant since 2004.
   This year (2014) it is going to be converted into a brewpub with plans to open in the summer of 2015.


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                                                                                                                                                                                            Real Photo


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Private Mailing Card                                                                                                                                                                                             


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Not a postcard
Res. party.jpg (1149240 bytes)
Party held in empty reservoir


Reservoir--winter-1.jpg (96224 bytes)        Reservoir--winter-2.jpg (109357 bytes)        Reservoir--winter-3.jpg (123593 bytes)
Three winter scenes of the reservoir





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