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   The city's first Catholic Church, Christ Church, was constructed at this location in 1819. Located at the n.w.cor. of Liberty and Vine St. In the early 1920s Christ Church was moved downtown next to the present day St. Xavier Church on Sycamore St. and operated until  the St. Peter the Apostle Cathedral was completed next door in 1826. The lot at Liberty and Vines sts. became a Catholic cemetery. St. Francis Seraph Roman Catholic Church was begun in 1858 as a friary, college, and church  in a rented house on Vine St. The church, dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, was consecrated December 18, 1859. The bodies in the cemetery were reinterred in a crypt below the church and the tombstones were used for the floor. The other building you see above is the school and convent located across Vine St. at 14 East Liberty St. that was erected in 1906-1908. The Friary was built on Republic St. behind the church.

St Francis Church interior 1.jpg (114710 bytes)        St Francis Catholic Church 1.jpg (74976 bytes)    St Francis church-z1.jpg (114186 bytes)    St Francis Church rp.jpg (74857 bytes)        St Francis Church interior.jpg (128775 bytes)

Liberty and Vine Streets

*Over-The Rhine.jpg (42801 bytes)        St Francis School-z1.jpg (105140 bytes)        St Francis Monastery-Vine & Liberty.jpg (116716 bytes)        St Francis School-z.jpg (95983 bytes)
Real Photo Postcard                                                                                                                                                 

St. Francis Liberty & Vine.jpg (192592 bytes)        Liberty & Vine 2.jpg (179654 bytes)
2 photographs of buildings today

St Francis Church set.jpg (119970 bytes)        St. Francis Church-tin.jpg (514594 bytes)        St Francis Cath Sch.jpg (102135 bytes)        St. Francis Students.jpg (309478 bytes)
                                                                                                               7 & 8th grade students

   The 2nd card above was a souvenir postcard celebrating the 50th anniversary of the consecration of the church in 1859.


St Francis de Sales 1Walnut Hills.jpg (86983 bytes)        De Sales church-z1.jpg (115848 bytes)        St Francis de Sales 2 Walnut Hills.jpg (88871 bytes)        St Francis de Sales 3 Walnut Hills.jpg (107695 bytes)        St. Francis De Sales 1600 Madison.jpg (186202 bytes)
                                St. Francis De Sales in Walnut Hills                                                    Not a Postcard

St Francis de Sales 1Walnut Hills interior.jpg (124138 bytes)                    Francis De Sales Church.jpg (290238 bytes)

   The image below shows the bell for St. Francis De Sales church at 1600 Madison Road being moved from the foundry to the church in 1895. Called "Big Joe" it was only rung once because the massive bells E-Flat peal was so loud it shattered windows and shook the surrounding buildings.

These are not postcards
Big Joe Bell.jpg (841123 bytes)            Raising of BIG JOSEPH.jpg (701602 bytes)
     Moving Big Joe                        Raising Big Joe


Glendale-St. Gabriels Ch..jpg (374508 bytes)        Glendale Gabriel Church.jpg (285374 bytes)        St. Gabriel Church.jpg (292687 bytes)
St. Gabriel Catholic Church.  Glendale

   The cornerstone for the first Roman Catholic Church in Glendale was laid in July of 1859, although the interior was not completed until 1862. The roof and steeple were torn off in a cyclone on June 14, 1880. In May of 1907 a new church replaced the old one (seen above). It is located at 46 W. Sharon Avenue. The last image above is a non-postcard view of what it looks like today.


St George's Catholic Church.jpg (467833 bytes)        St George Church.jpg (67195 bytes)        George Church, Cincinnati.jpg (29748 bytes)*      St. George's Church, Corryville.jpg (29897 bytes)*
                                      St George Church.  Calhoun St.  Clifton Heights                                            

St. George Sander-Hall.jpg (540577 bytes)            St Georges.jpg (71023 bytes)        St. George Church 70 Calhoun St..jpg (239321 bytes)

   St. George Church was designed by Samuel Hannaford and began services in 1873 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1933 it was closed as a church and has been used as a coffeehouse, and as a community meeting center. In the first photograph above you can see how the surrounding community of homes were razed for the construction of  the University of Cincinnati's Sander Hall. In 2008 the 135 year old structure caught fire and completely destroyed its two steeples. You can see this damage in the 3rd non-postcard image above.
   Developers have decided to convert the church into a boutique hotel. They want to name the hotel the St. George House and it would contain between 50 to 70 rooms. The process of securing funds is now underway (March 2013).  


St John Baptist Church Harrison.jpg (48736 bytes)                         St Johns Church & School Harrison.jpg (340651 bytes)
        St. John Baptist                                      St. Johns Catholic Church
           Harrison                                                 & School. Harrison.


St Ignatius Church interior.jpg (86992 bytes)
St. Ignatius Interior 


Reading-St. Johns Church-Organ.jpg (199446 bytes)        Reading St Luthern.jpg (81560 bytes)        Reading-St.Johns Church-bell.jpg (226409 bytes)
St. John's Lutheran   Reading


St John's Ev Prot-Harrison.jpg (72720 bytes)
St. John's Evangelical Protestant Harrison


St Johns Evan Prot.jpg (218175 bytes)        St. John's Church, 12th & Elm,.jpg (53152 bytes)        Mt.Auburn St,Johns Ev.Prot.Church.jpg (184421 bytes)        St. Johns 12th & Elm.jpg (219624 bytes)
St. John's Evangelical  Protestant  n. w. cor. 12th and Elm Sts.

   St. John's at 12th and Elm was the first German-American congregation in Cincinnati, formed in 1814. The congregation moved to Resor Avenue in Clifton in 1946. The church  then became the home for the Greater Apostolic Bethlehem Temple Church. That congregation moved to Hamilton Avenue near the College Hill-Northside border in the 1990s. It has remained vacant since then. It will now (2014) be converted into an event center. The last image is a photograph. You will notice from the date the church turns 200 this year (2014).


St Johns Catholic Church 1.jpg (92361 bytes)        St Johns Church Interior.jpg (340564 bytes)        St. Johns Church.jpg (211321 bytes)                     Silverton Catholic Church RPPC.jpg (302608 bytes)
                    St. John's Catholic Church Green & Bremen Sts.                                      St. John's Catholic Church
                                                                                                                                              Deer Park

   Thanks to Fr. Dale Peterka who informs me that he lives here and this card contains incorrect information. The St. Johns Church shown here is not in Silverton but is actually in Deer Park along the border with Silverton. He also informs me that the church in the first card above was torn down in 1971. There is a park now at this location (Green and Republic).


Not a postcard                                                                                          
St. Joseph's 1846 Linn & Laurel STs..jpg (456101 bytes)        St Joseph's Church set.jpg (93074 bytes)        St Joseph Church.jpg (85038 bytes)

St. Joseph's Church  corner of Linn & Laurel St.

St Joseph Church raising bells 1.jpg (86357 bytes)            Bell Installation St Joseph Church.jpg (137349 bytes)            St Joseph Church raising bells 2.jpg (84378 bytes)
  These three cards show the raising of the churches bells.


St Lawrence Church Price Hill 1.jpg (77101 bytes)        Lawrence church-z1.jpg (96641 bytes)        St Lawrence Church Price Hill 2.jpg (85855 bytes)        St Lawrence Church Price Hill 3.jpg (96385 bytes)        St. Lawrence Church.jpg (119567 bytes)

St. Lawrence church in Price Hill

St Lawrence Catholic Church Price Hill interior1.jpg (120631 bytes)    St Lawrence Catholic Church Price Hill interior 2.jpg (98525 bytes)

   St. Lawrence Church was the first Catholic church built in Price Hill. A smaller version was Dedicated June 12, 1870 with the edifice seen in these cards was completed by 1893. The highest tower is 189.5 feet high. The 5th image above is a non-postcard image of the church as it looks today.


  St. Luke's Church, Findlay and Baymiller.jpg (39867 bytes)*
St. Luke Church
Findlay & Baymiller


St. Mark's, Evanston, Cincinnati.jpg (49167 bytes)*          St. Mark's Church, Evanston,.jpg (45861 bytes)
Old St. Mark Catholic in Evanston


St Mark Catholic Church.jpg (89862 bytes)        Evanston-St Marks Church.jpg (296179 bytes)        St Mark Roman Catholic Church.jpg (92365 bytes)        St Mark Catholic Church.jpg (297117 bytes)
                                    New St. Mark Catholic in Evanston.                        Not a postcard


St Marks Protestant Episcopal Church.jpg (107551 bytes)
St. Mark Protestant Episcopal


St. Mark's Evang. Prot. Church and Parsonage.jpg (37791 bytes)                            St Leo Church.jpg (89590 bytes)        St. Leo Fairmount.jpg (138038 bytes)    St. Leo's Church.jpg (269036 bytes)
St. Mark's Evangelical Protestant                                                  St. Leo  Fairmount  St. Leo Pl. & Baltimore Ave.                                                  

   The last two images above are recent non-postcard views.


St Mary's Catholic Church.jpg (92798 bytes)        St Mary's Altar Painting.jpg (542060 bytes)        Old St. Mary's Sanctuary.jpg (597038 bytes)        Old St. Mary Church-SEC 13th & Clay.jpg (748007 bytes)
St. Mary's Downtown          Altar Painting                     The Sanctuary                      Not a Postcard           

   Old Saint Mary's Church is located at 123 East Thirteenth Street and is a "homemade" church and is the oldest standing house of worship in the city. In 1841 the German Catholics baked the bricks used in its construction in their own ovens and the 170' spire was built around a massive tree trunk taken from the nearby woods. It was constructed on land that had been the former estate of General Arthur St. Clair, who was the person who named Cincinnati while he was the first governor of the Northwest Territory. It was dedicated in 1842 and became the "Old" St. Mary's in 1904 when a new St. Mary's was constructed in Hyde Park. The tower clock is the oldest in the city and was the first product by the Verdin Co. The first bell was cast by Levi Coffin of Underground Railroad fame. The gigantic organ was installed in 1929 and contains 2,275 pipes, some of which came from Music Hall's original organ. A German/English/Latin mass is held every Sunday. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

St Mary's Catholic Church Hyde Park.jpg (101644 bytes)
St. Mary's Hyde Park 


St Mathews Church Norwood.jpg (90576 bytes)    Norwood St. Matthews Church.jpg (53147 bytes)    St. Matthew Church, School.jpg (268723 bytes)    St. Matthew's School 4516 Floral Ave..jpg (200543 bytes)    Immaculate Conception 4494 Smith Road.jpg (129124 bytes)
       Old         St. Matthew's  Norwood       New                 4516 Floral Ave.              St. Matthews School    Immaculate Conception

   The middle postcard shows St. Matthews School (left), Church (right) and Rectory (rear). The 1st & 2nd postcards show the school and the last two non-postcards shows St. Matthews as it looks today. The church as you can see in the last image is now called Immaculate Conception Church.


  St Michaels Church.jpg (78355 bytes)        St. Michaels Church-gb.jpg (205947 bytes)        St. Michael's Price Hill.jpg (162889 bytes)
St. Michael's  Church      Church & Michael sts., Price Hill

   Built in 1847 the church is no longer used but, as can be seen in the present day photo, it still stands.