University Of Cincinnati


  1819 is the year the University of Cincinnati claims on its seal as the year of its founding date. This was the year that the Cincinnati College was created with Jacob Burnet as president of the board of directors. Financial problems caused the school to close in 1825. Reopening in 1835 it merged with the Cincinnati Law School, which had opened in 1833. This school merged with U. C. in 1918 thus its claim to the year 1819.
  We now go to the formation of the University. Charles McMicken (1782-1858) bequeathed $1,000,000 to the city for the establishment of a university. Due to legal and financial problems much of the money was not available. In January 1869 the McMicken School of Drawing and Design was opened in order to comply with McMicken's bequest. The school used rented quarters at Third and Main. In 1870 Cincinnati was authorized by the State Legislature to establish a municipal university and to support it thru taxation. McMicken University was chartered in December of 1870. In January 1871 the name was changed to the University of Cincinnati. The McMicken fund was turned over to the University. Voters authorized a bond issue to fund construction of the school. The former McMicken homestead site on Clifton Avenue near Vine St. was where construction was begun. During this time classes were held at Woodward High School. The new building was completed in 1875. This is the building you see in the next row of cards. This site was next to the Bellevue Incline and by the late 1880s the structure was overcrowded, noisy, and dirty.

uc-c12.jpg (120788 bytes)        University of Cincinnati 1.jpg (93622 bytes)        Bellevue Incline 1.jpg (62634 bytes)        University of Cincinnati 2.jpg (67702 bytes)        uc-d2.jpg (76073 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   People on roof.


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RPPC  Winter Scene


Newspaper Drawings
Charles Dabney UC President.jpg (398938 bytes)                    OW Kuhn UC Chairman.jpg (147514 bytes)
Charles W. Dabney                            O. W. Kuhn      
U.C. President 1904-20               Chairman of the Board


  In 1889 City Council appropriated 43 acres of Burnet Woods for the new site of the university. Legal problems prevented construction until 1893. The first building, McMicken Hall,  was completed in 1895, it was replaced with the current building in 1950. It is seen in the next three rows along with Hanna Hall (1896) and Cunningham Hall (1899).

University of Cincinnati 5.jpg (118502 bytes)    uc-c6.jpg (115305 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 3.jpg (103712 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 4.jpg (76838 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 6.jpg (71655 bytes)


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UC McMicken Hall BW.jpg (297348 bytes)        uc-d1.jpg (129442 bytes)


The next three rows show the same buildings along with The Van Wormer Library, which was built in 1899-1900, from the Burnet Woods side.

University of Cincinnati 13.jpg (102005 bytes)    uc-c4.jpg (106650 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 7.jpg (112220 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 8.jpg (85392 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 9.jpg (104731 bytes)


uc-c7.jpg (102646 bytes)    uc-c8.jpg (94586 bytes)    uc-c9.jpg (90815 bytes)    uc-c10.jpg (121418 bytes)    uc-c3kramer.jpg (111829 bytes)


uc-d15.jpg (112237 bytes)    uc-d20.jpg (95608 bytes)    uc-d9.jpg (89586 bytes)    uc-d22.jpg (109589 bytes)    UC-RP-dd.jpg (94700 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                                                               Real Photo


These three rows show the view from the Library end.

uc-c11.jpg (98484 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 10.jpg (95039 bytes)    UC.jpg (480792 bytes)    uc-d17.jpg (101755 bytes)    uc-d18.jpg (115944 bytes)
Same Image Different Interpretation


UC-s1.jpg (97201 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 12.jpg (120100 bytes)    uc-d16.jpg (92149 bytes)    uc-d13.jpg (123851 bytes)    UC Burnet Woods.jpg (193217 bytes)


University of Cincinnati 11.jpg (105214 bytes)                uc-d14.jpg (57904 bytes)    UC-RP.jpg (251914 bytes)    National Guard at U.C..jpg (199430 bytes)
                                                             Real Photos

   The 3rd real photo postcard above shows National Guard trucks parked next to the football stands and soldiers in front of UC's gymnasium. On the right in the distance you can see Hughes High School.


Proposed Addition UC.jpg (259409 bytes)

   The card above is a drawing that is supposed to show proposed additions to the campus, but I have to confess that I am unable to determine just what is being added.


uc-d4.jpg (132513 bytes)
General View


   These cards show the campus from the top of Deaconess Hospital or Hughes High School. The last 3 Cards in the 2nd row show the build up on the Southern end of the campus.

University of Cincinnati 14.jpg (91861 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 15.jpg (116778 bytes)    uc-d5.jpg (110928 bytes)    UC-overhead-n1.jpg (96500 bytes)    uc-d10.jpg (144314 bytes)


uc-d12.jpg (111365 bytes)    uc-d11.jpg (122643 bytes)    uc-d6.jpg (94013 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 16a.jpg (110924 bytes)


University of Cincinnati 16b.jpg (92682 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 16c.jpg (149304 bytes)



University of Cincinnati 17.jpg (150059 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 18.jpg (120403 bytes)    UC-as.jpg (137465 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 19.jpg (162759 bytes)    University of Cincinnati 20.jpg (150466 bytes)


UC BEV-6.jpg (440054 bytes)    UC BEV 10.jpg (544244 bytes)    uc-c2.jpg (169672 bytes)    uc-d8.jpg (120639 bytes)


UC BEV lg.jpg (788486 bytes)                                UC-BEV-Jumbo.jpg (463035 bytes)
5 1/2" x 7"  card                                                     7" x  9" Jumbo card






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