Police Historical Society


   This page shows only the 4" x 6" postcards that are produced by the Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society.

Park Police-1935.jpg (249929 bytes)        Police-1908 Baseball Team.jpg (292367 bytes)        Police-1900 Roll of Honor.jpg (287284 bytes)
          Park Police-1935               1908 Police Baseball team             Roll of Honor - 1900     
                                                         "Police Colts"                          William C. Boers

   William C. Boers was placed on the Roll of Honor in 1900 for saving the lives of three boys who were in danger of being trampled by a runaway mule.


Police-Lts. & Sgts..jpg (185768 bytes)        Police-Wagon 4 in 1890s.jpg (351789 bytes)        HS-Patrol Wagon 5.jpg (275890 bytes)        Police-St.Bernard.jpg (273888 bytes)
1915 Lieutenants & Sergeants            Patrol Wagon 4       in 1890's     Patrol Wagon 5                1901 St. Bernard Police       


HS-Chief Paul Milliken.jpg (273064 bytes)        HS-1910 Police Car.jpg (257992 bytes)        HS-Joy Riding.jpg (354314 bytes)

   The first card above shows Police Chief Paul Milliken and "Handsome" parked in front of City Hall. The next one shows the Chief being driven in a 1910 Thomas automobile. The third card shows the ladies of the Rotary Club that were holding a convention in Cincinnati being given a ride in a patrol wagon in 1916.


Police Chiefs-Supers..jpg (269739 bytes)        HS-William Copelan.jpg (193891 bytes)        HS- Edwin Goepper.jpg (251766 bytes)        HS-Frank Hall.jpg (256639 bytes)

   In the 1st card standing is Superintendent George Hadley and Police Chief Phillip Deitsch. Sitting is Superintendent Thomas Duffey and Chief of Detectives Lawrence Hazen taken in 1885. The second card, taken around 1907, shows Lieutenant William Copeland. From 1912 to 1935 Copeland was Chief of Police. The third card was taken in 1899 of Police Sergeant Edwin Goepper. The last card shows Police Detective Frank A. B. Hall. After Hall retired in 1926 he became the first African-American to be elected to Cincinnati City Council.


HS-Dawson Moneyhon.jpg (177359 bytes)        HS-Alms Medal Winner.jpg (258587 bytes)        HS-Roscoe Lewis.jpg (223346 bytes)        HS-Cincinnati Patromen.jpg (228489 bytes)

   In the first card above patrolman Dawson Moneyhon displays his Cold revolver in 1918. The second card shows an unidentified patrolman wearing a medal for bravery, the prestigious Alms Medal, ca. 1910. The 10 on his sleeve means he had been on the force for 10 years. The third card is of patrolman Roscoe Lewis on the steps of Corryville Elementary School around 1917. The last card shows four African-American patrolmen in the 1920s. Only two are identified, seated on the left is John "Pop" Toney and seated on the right is Olin Wilson who was later killed in the line of duty.


HS-Frank Muller.jpg (187370 bytes)        HS-George Steidinger.jpg (210645 bytes)        HS-Webster Roberts.jpg (237380 bytes)        HS-Newport Officer.jpg (202475 bytes)

   The first card above is of patrolman Frank Muller. Patrolmen only wore the large "chest protector" badges until 1904. The second card is of patrolman George Steidinger ca. 1890s. The third card is of Lockland police officer Webster Roberts, ca. 1900. The last card is of a Newport police officer, ca. 1920s.


HS-Chris Robisch.jpg (351206 bytes)

   The card above is of Hamilton County traffic officer Chris Robisch in 1935. Robisch later became Chief of the Mariemont Police Department.


   The courthouse that was built in 1853 was burned down in the famous riots of March 30-April 1, 1884 when a mob of 10,000 citizens attacked it. Incensed over a conviction of manslaughter instead of murder for William Berner, for killing his employer, the people became enraged. For years the people had put up with political corruption and jury tampering and this verdict was the last straw. After three days of rioting and the arrival of hundreds of National Guard troops 50 people lay dead and 200 were injured. 

HS-Riot Poster.jpg (405704 bytes)
Poster of the Courthouse Riots


Riot-Mob at Music Hall.jpg (523584 bytes)            Riot-Guarding the Jail.jpg (444414 bytes)            Riot-Barricade.jpg (501770 bytes)
      Mob at Music Hall                        Guarding the Jail                      Court & Walnut Barricade


Riot-Courthouse Burning.jpg (488772 bytes)            Riot-Capturing Guns.jpg (477864 bytes)            Riot-Receiving Dead.jpg (451604 bytes)
    Courthouse Burning                  Police Capturing 2 Guns          Bringing Dead to Hospital


Police-1884.jpg (286223 bytes)
Emergency Headquarters
after 1884 Riots 



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