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Mariemont center.jpg (129239 bytes)
Town Center Park


Mariemont-A Pleasant Stroll.jpg (300002 bytes)            Mariemont-Carillon.jpg (245157 bytes)            Mariemont-Addison Walk.jpg (345427 bytes)
A Pleasant Stroll                        Carillon Tower                       Addison Walk    

Mariemont-Lagoon-n.jpg (308351 bytes)        Mariemont-Lagoon Boat House.jpg (112610 bytes)        mariemontboathouse.jpg (381203 bytes)        Mariemont-Lich-Gate.jpg (130736 bytes)
            Lagoon                            Lagoon Boat House                Boat House Today                       Lich-Gate             

   The Lagoon was located in Dogwood Park (named for the many Dogwood trees found in the area) along the south side of Wooster Pike and west of Pleasant St. In 1927 a boat house was built at the east end. The Lagoon was filled in with dirt in 1942 and ceased to exist. The boat house was used for the next 50 years as a meeting place for Boy Scout Troops. It has now been restored as part of Mariemont's 75th Anniversary. and is now used as the headquarters for a nature trail in Dogwood Park. The 3rd image is a present day photo. The Carillon Tower was constructed in 1929 and dedicated "to the youth of Mariemont" by the sister of the founder of Mariemont Mary Emory, Isabella Hopkins. It is 100' tall with 23 bells of which the largest, "Bourdon", weighs 2 tons. The Lich-Gate gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon word for corpse: "Lic." In ancient churchyards, the Lich-Gate stood at the entrance to consecrated ground. In this instance the gate stands next to a cemetery driveway not far from Wooster Pike. The structure was intended to give shelter to the bearers of the body while waiting for the priest to begin the burial service.



Shademore & Cottage Park.jpg (369401 bytes)        Shademore Park.jpg (329462 bytes)
                                                   Google Image

   Shademore Park is located across the Little Miami south of Mariemont in the bend of the river. The Cottage Park mentioned on the postcard is the name of the street along the edge of the park as seen in the aerial photo. The "Beach" mentioned on the postcard is pretty evident in the photograph.



Home City Park.jpg (83365 bytes)    Home City Park 1.jpg (188358 bytes)        Tecumseh.jpg (312692 bytes)

   The first two 1908 RPPCs above shows the park in what was then called Home City (1849 - 1911). Home City was annexed to Cincinnati in June of 1911 and was renamed Sayler Park in honor of Nelson Sayler, the town's first mayor, who donated the village green. The smallest park in Hamilton County called Thornton Triangle (.01 acre) is located at Gracely Dr. and Thornton St. The statue of the Indian "Tecumseh" was erected in 1912 by the J. L. Mott Iron Works of New York. The statue of an eastern Woodlands Indian acquired the name Tecumseh from the Shawnee intertribal leader who led the resistance against white expansion into the Ohio region. The statue was a gift from Eliza Thornton in memory of her husband J. Fitzhugh Thornton. The 1937 flood partially submerged the statue and it was struck by a car 3 years later and was sold to an antique dealer in Indiana for $10. The outraged citizens of Sayler Park vowed to find and return the statue to its pedestal. It was found and returned several months later.



Avoca Park.jpg (291460 bytes)            Avoca Park mapa.JPG (174534 bytes)                        Hartmann Mill (Avoca Park) 1902.jpg (872868 bytes)
  Avoca Park Lagoon                   A=Avoca Park entrance                                Real Photo-1902 

  Avoca Park is located between Terrace Park and Mariemont at 7949 Wooster Pike. The lagoon was formed by the water that had passed thru the Mill's turbine and had exited the mill (mill's tail race). Thanks to Tom Jesionowski, whose great grandparents were the ones who originally developed the park between 1878 and 1907 before selling, I now have more information. It was originally called Hartmann's Grove and the original mill was constructed in 1802 by Columbia Township pioneer Nathaniel Armstrong and is said to have been the second mill in the Miami Valley. Later mills not only ground grain but also were used to pull and card fiber. The photograph in the 3rd image shows the old Armstrong Upper Mill  in 1907. It was located in the Northeast part of Avoca Park across from where the Miami Bluff Apartments now stand. Standing in front of the building is (right to left) the mill owner John A. Hartmann, his nephew Ed Hartmann, and a unknown person (possibly the buyer in 1907).

Hartmanns Mill.jpg (460045 bytes)

   The postcard of Hartman's dam above may not have anything to do with Hartmann's Grove (different spelling) cannot read the postmark but it was mailed to Batavia, Ohio.

   John Hartmann's brother, Charles Hartmann, moved to Mt. Healthy and purchased what later became known as the C. C. Groff Flour Mill. To see this mill  .


Terrace Park-Avalon Camp.jpg (189024 bytes)
Terrace Park
Avalon Camp (?)


Miami Hts. Twin Tower Lakes.jpg (239780 bytes)
Miami Heights
Twin Tower Lakes
4 Miles W. of Cheviot


Remington Picnic.jpg (459265 bytes)    Remington Picnic back.jpg (144607 bytes)            Remington Area.jpg (335032 bytes)
Ripple Outing Club  at Remington, Ohio                                    Remington Ohio Today

   This postcard is smaller than a normal postcard (3 1/8" X 4 1/2"). Remington, Ohio is Census Designated Place (CDP) Adjacent to Loveland, Indian Hill and Camp Dennison. The road you see in the overhead view in the last image is Loveland-Maderia Road. This image shows the area where this picnic PROBABLY took place.



Woodland Park a.jpg (392273 bytes)Woodland Park b.jpg (801216 bytes)
Inside view

This 3 part card has been scanned into 2 parts because it would not fit in the scanner.

Woodland Park c.jpg (400294 bytes)Woodland Park d.jpg (101584 bytes)
Outside Views


Woodland Park.jpg (160351 bytes)        Woodland Park-2.jpg (198339 bytes)        Woodland Park-Lake Seewald.jpg (357143 bytes)        Woodland Park-Cottage.jpg (368842 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                               Cottage Interior



Valley View.jpg (775375 bytes)    Valley View back.jpg (171934 bytes)
7160 Shawnee Run Road



                       YOU MADE IT ALL THE WAY TO THE END!!                    




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