Railroads 3



Loveland Depot.jpg (61043 bytes)    Loveland Depot 2.jpg (112895 bytes)    Loveland Penn Depot-RP.jpg (112531 bytes)    Loveland-Penn RR Depot.jpg (270609 bytes)    Loveland Penn. R.R. Park.jpg (244628 bytes)
Pennsylvania Depot


Loveland-Penn Turntable.jpg (273288 bytes)          Loveland Depot.jpg (81277 bytes)*        Loveland B&O & Penn Depots.jpg (243087 bytes)
Pennsylvania Turn Table                  RPPC Penn. Depot               B.& O. and Penn. Depots

   The 2nd postcard shows the PRR main line going from the bottom right, crossing the B&O main line, and going to center left. The B&O station is on the right. Cincinnati is in the direction of the bottom left corner.


Loveland BO & Penn RR Depots.jpg (277659 bytes)        Loveland B&O Depot-n1.jpg (174890 bytes)        Loveland B. and O. Park.jpg (312646 bytes)        Loveland-B.O. Depot-eo.jpg (269873 bytes)

Seven cards of the B.& O. Railroad Depot

Loveland-B&O rr depot.jpg (101300 bytes)        Loveland B&ORR.jpg (215340 bytes)        Loveland B.O. Depot Fountain.jpg (173286 bytes)


Loveland turn table.jpg (90005 bytes)        Loveland B&O Tracks.jpg (253596 bytes)
 Loveland Turn Table                      B. & O. Tracks      



Winton Pl Station in c1865..jpg (138838 bytes)        Winton Pl. B&O Station-1918.jpg (236660 bytes)        Winton Place Depot-2.jpg (1106509 bytes)                    CH&D Winton Place station-1917.jpg (187897 bytes)
Winton Pl. Depot-c1865                                        Depot around 1918                                                        CH&D Depot-1917       

   The 1st photograph above shows the original 1865 depot, which was called Chester Park at the beginning. Named for the Horse Tract across the street, that later became the Chester Park amusement park. This can seen in the 2nd & 3rd non-postcard images above. The CH&D station was located near Spring Grove Cemetery.

B&O Winton Place  Depot.jpg (201287 bytes)        Winton Place Depot-1967.jpg (233772 bytes)        Winton Pl. Station in 1965.jpg (120248 bytes)

Winton Place Station.jpg (344920 bytes)         Chester Park Station.jpg (97942 bytes)         Chester Park Station 2.jpg (262139 bytes)    

   The first postcard was taken in 1948, the second is a 1967 postcard showing a PRR train arriving at the depot. The 3rd card show the depot in 1965. The last three show the depot after it was moved to Sharon Woods. The last image is not a postcard.


Cozaddale Depot.jpg (220507 bytes)        Cozaddale RR Signal Sta..jpg (132833 bytes)
Cozaddale Depot                                                    

   These rare cards shows the railroad depot and community of Cozaddale, Ohio which is located to the East of Loveland, Ohio. This is stretching the boundaries of my collecting interests but I felt I had to show these real photo postcards. The 2nd card was mailed from Cozaddale in 1914. I am not sure what it shows.


Norwood Park Station.jpg (58819 bytes)          East Norwood B&O Station-1949.jpg (290290 bytes)          Norwood B&O Station-1918.jpg (207552 bytes)
Norwood Park Station in 1887      B&O East Norwood-1949       Norwood B&O depot-1918  
                                                    These two are not postcards

   The first image above is the Norwood Park Depot that was located at the corner of Smith Road and Lafayette Ave. 100 yards north of this passenger station was a freight station at Smith Road and Sherman Ave. The middle image shows the depot built in 1873 on Forest Ave. south of Harris Ave. The last image shows the first B. & O. Depot in Norwood and was located at Foraker and Station Avenues.



 not a postcard
CH&D Glendale Station-1918.jpg (159071 bytes)
Glendale Station-1918

Glendale Depot.jpg (46497 bytes)    Glendale depot-2a.jpg (47588 bytes)    Glendale C.H.& D. Depot.jpg (54452 bytes)    Glendale CH&D depot.jpg (569218 bytes)  *CH&D Glendale Depot.jpg (141026 bytes)
                                                                    Glendale C. H. & D. Depot                                                                            

   The original Glendale Station burned in 1879 and the present depot was constructed in 1880 on the same site at Greenville Ave. and Village Square. In the early days there was a hand-operated turntable situated nearby for Glendale was, at that time, the terminal point of the C. H. & D.'s commuter service. Each engine had to be laboriously turned around by the engineer and crew for the return trip to Cincinnati.


Madisonville Station.jpg (96600 bytes)        Madisonville Depot RP.jpg (102566 bytes)      *Madisonville Depot 3.jpg (69404 bytes)
 Madisonville Depot 

Madisonvill B & O RR.jpg (369046 bytes)        Madisonville-Train Wreck.jpg (298398 bytes)
B & O RR At Camargo Pike          B & O Wreck - 7/29/10       

  The Madisonville Depot, built in 1888, was located at the corner of Peabody Street and Orlando Place. The station continued in operation until the mid-1940s and was razed later in that decade. The B&O overpass seen in the last card above going over Central Ave. was constructed ca. 1905. The train wreck was caused when a switch engine that was pushing a freight car into the street and had stopped in front of W.H. Settle & Co. building  and was struck by another freight engine.


    St Bernard Depot.jpg (52470 bytes)    St.Bernard's B&O Station-1918.jpg (149042 bytes)                Fernbank depot.jpg (95504 bytes)
    St. Bernard Depot                 St. Bernard-1918                                   Fernbank Depot
not a postcard            

  The Fernbank Depot was located on River Road at Catalpa Road.


Lockland Wreck 1.jpg (190079 bytes)    Lockland Wreck 2.jpg (196897 bytes)
  Big 4 Wreck Lockland May 15, 1931  


St. Joseph Depot.jpg (336483 bytes)                            North Bend RR Station.jpg (279742 bytes)
    Railroad depot                                                  North Bend Station
Mount St. Joseph                                                                                

   The Mount St. Joseph depot was completely under water during the 1937 flood. The information on the North Bend card may be inaccurate as there is strong evidence that it was actually located on Brower Road on the west side of the tracks.


Big 4 Cleves Depot.jpg (66756 bytes)      Big Four. Cleves.jpg (286535 bytes)      Big 4@ Cleves.jpg (111298 bytes)      Cleeves Big 4.jpg (222662 bytes)
Big Four Depot and  Rail Road tracks Cleves, Ohio

   The Cleves Depot was on the south side of West State Road (US 50) a block west of South Miami Ave. The station in Cleves today is on the original site but has been completely redesigned and rebuilt.


Miami Depot.jpg (202206 bytes)        Miamitown Depot 1.jpg (57825 bytes) * Miamitown Depot 2.jpg (63202 bytes)
Miami Depot          (Miamitown)

   Miamitown got its original name - Miami - from the West Miami tribe of Shawnee Indians who had hunted in the region in the 1700s. Arthur Henrie a nephew of Revolutionary War hero Patrick Henry, laid out the town over what had been an orchard. He sold the first lot to Jacob Herrider in 1816. On July 4, 1817, William Henry Harrison chose Miami to make a major pronouncement against slavery. Sometime between 1904 when the Miami post office closed and when it reopened in November of 1931 the name was changed to Miamitown. The depot began service in 1907 for the CC&L. C&O bought it in 1910. It closed many years ago.


                                                 Not a Postcard
Addyston Depot.jpg (42366 bytes)        addyston station 2.jpg (202535 bytes)
Addyston Depot

   A visitor to this page who has lived in this area for 60 years has informed me that this card is in error. He states that this depot is actually the old NYC station in Cleves near Addyston. The person who took this image had gone all over the country taking pictures of old train stations (you can find other examples on this site) and did not actually live in this area so I am inclined to believe a lifelong resident over the publisher of the card. 


Silverton Station.jpg (112677 bytes)
 Replica of original Silverton
Station. On Montgomery Rd.

   The original station was on Montgomery between Highland Ave. & Parkview Lane. It was on the NW side of the tracks, the replica is on the SE side.


Sharonville Big 4 Depot.jpg (156622 bytes)
Sharonville Big 4 Depot

   Located on the east side of Reading Road directly across from the end of Hageman Street.


Railroad Bridge Terrace Park.jpg (223813 bytes)
Terrace Park RR Bridge?


Delhi during 1913 flood.jpg (207037 bytes)                Delhi Depot-1966.jpg (153421 bytes)
Delhi during 1913 flood                      Delhi NYC Depot-1966  

   The 1st non postcard image above shows the NYC depot on the left and the B&O on the right. The 2nd, postcard, image seems to show that the NYC depot took over the B&O Depot.


Wyoming Depot & Woodruff Bldg.jpg (179085 bytes)        wyoming1.jpg (57715 bytes)        wyoming2.jpg (82920 bytes)
Wyoming Depot far left                                                                                                  

   The RPPC above states that the building was called the Woodruff Building in which the writer states he had just gone to a Masonic meeting. The building on the left is claimed to be the Wyoming Depot (by someone other than the sender of the card. It is hard to compare with the far right image directly below. The last two are not postcards. The depot was on Poplar Ave. just east of Crescent St.


*Batavia Depot.jpg (627094 bytes)
Batavia N & W Depot

   Batavia is not in my collecting area but it was too nice not to show you.


Some non-postcard images of depots

CH&D Cincinnati Junction station after 1898 flood.jpg (318842 bytes)        CH&D Maplewood Station-1918.jpg (227623 bytes)    Big 4 Depot-Maplewood.jpg (264978 bytes)        CH&D Wyoming Station-1898.jpg (255557 bytes)
  CH&D Cincinnati Junction                              CH&D Maplewood-1918                             CH&D Wyoming Sta.-1898 
after 1898 flood                                                                                                                                                      

   The Big Four Maplewood station was 11.2 miles from downtown Cincinnati in the area now known as Hartwell. 


Cumminsville Station-1918.jpg (98462 bytes)        East Cumminsville B&O Station-1918.jpg (222376 bytes)        Ivorydale Station in front of P&G-1918.jpg (176818 bytes)        Ivorydale Station in front of P&G-1971.jpg (345443 bytes)
    B&O Cumminsville Sta.          B&O  E. Cumminsville        Ivorydale Sta. P&G behind            Ivorydale in 1971      
all 3 taken in 1918                                                  

   It appears the station agent lived in the back of the East Cumminsville Depot. The depot was located at the south end of Langland Ave. on the north side of the tracks.


B&O Inbound Freight Depot-map.jpg (1020024 bytes)    B&O Inbound Freight warehouse-Mill-Smith Sts.jpg (192768 bytes)    B&O Inbound Freight Warehouse.jpg (217968 bytes)    Smith St. B&O Warehouses.jpg (121435 bytes)    B & O Freight Terminal.jpg (216742 bytes)
The B&O Warehouse at Second & Smith Sts. (700 Pete Rose Way).

   The map shows the location of the B&O Warehouse (in green) seen in the next four photographs. The building, built in 1903-04, has been shortened and is now known as Longworth Hall. (The land originally was owned by Nicholas Longworth). It was a five story brick and steel structure with 12' ceilings and contained 219,00 square feet of space. It had 12 elevators of 8,000lb capacity with automatic fire alarms and a sprinkler system. The siding could hold 12 cars. This building was the inbound freight warehouse with the one-story building next to it being the outbound freight warehouse. On the other side of the smaller building was the Mill Street engine terminal containing a roundhouse, power plant, and coal tipple. This building, nearly a quarter mile in length, was reported to be the largest such structure in the world when built. The B&O also used five other storage warehouses in the area plus three cold storage facilities. It is now thriving with about 80 small businesses that require, or want, open loft-style offices. This building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on December 29, 1986.


Oakley's B&O Station-1948.jpg (347756 bytes)
Oakley B&O-1948
Freight depot on left 

   The Oakley Depot seen above was built in 1903 to replace the original depot that had burned down.  Located on Enyart Avenue near Madison Road It closed in 1971.



Elevated RR 1.jpg (96766 bytes)                            Elevated RR vert.jpg (88904 bytes)                            Elevated RR 2.jpg (103660 bytes)
Riverfront elevated railroad


Close Call on Ohio River.jpg (241910 bytes)

   I have no idea where along the Ohio River this  Kraemer card "Close Call" happened, but since it did not cost me very much, I decided to get it. It is a nice card.


C. & O..jpg (943131 bytes)
C.& O. Railroad

  This card is obviously portrayed as passing Cincinnati from the Kentucky side of the Ohio.


NY Central RR-1966.jpg (310106 bytes)
New York Central RR

   This freight train is shown leaving Cincinnati on Dec. 8, 1966.



Super Dome 1.jpg (244353 bytes)    Super Dome 1 back.jpg (90898 bytes)        Super Dome 2.jpg (313521 bytes)    Super Dome 2 back.jpg (106745 bytes)
Chessie's Safety Express Car #20                                            Pullman-Standard's #58 "Super Dome"


Stuart Knott.jpg (250091 bytes)    Stuart Knott-back.jpg (99113 bytes)
Kansas City Southern "Stuart Knott"

   This Rail Car Museum was established in 1975 in Covington, KY at 315 W. Southern Ave.


Railway Mail Convention.jpg (130149 bytes)    Railway Mail Convention 1.jpg (95302 bytes)
The Railway Mail Convention

   This postcard tells about the convention that was held in Cincinnati from Oct. 3-4-5 in 1905. It seems that it was held in conjunction with the Mutual Benefit Association for some reason.


RR Check Off.jpg (321322 bytes)
Railroad Novelty Card