Schools 4


Harrison School 1.jpg (114121 bytes)        Harrison School 2.jpg (113490 bytes)        Harrison Public School-n7.jpg (222235 bytes)        Harrison Pub. School.jpg (296741 bytes)
Harrison Ohio Public School


Harrison Hi-rp.jpg (242702 bytes)        Harrison Hi School.jpg (313890 bytes)                                Hartwell Public School.jpg (241984 bytes)
                     Harrison High School                                                                      Hartwell Public School

   The Hartwell School seen in the card above was located on Hartwell Ave. and Woodbine. It was built in 1888 and closed in 1923.


Hillsdale School.jpg (74207 bytes)    Obrienville Public School.jpg (101431 bytes)    Horace Mann School (Webster).jpg (126336 bytes)    Kennedy - Silverton School.jpg (79820 bytes)
      Hillsdale School              Horace Mann School  cor. Fairfax & Cinnamon      Kennedy-Silverton School


King's Mills High School.jpg (116079 bytes)      Kings Mill High School 3.jpg (361249 bytes)      Kings Mills HS.jpg (355097 bytes)      Kings Mills School-3.jpg (285205 bytes)
                                                 Color Version

 Kings Mills High School

Kings Mill School RPPC.jpg (212766 bytes)      Kings Mills RPPC-HS.jpg (331115 bytes)      Kings Mills High School-5.jpg (218522 bytes)


Lafayette Blum School.jpg (125874 bytes)        Lafayette Bloom-Principal 27 District School 1887-1914.jpg (21782 bytes)        Lafayette Bloom Jr. High.jpg (192681 bytes)
Lafayette Blum (mis-print)      Lafayette Bloom         Recent photograph  

   Thanks to Jean Swango I have finally discovered that this card is a misprint. The school is not Lafayette Blum, but Lafayette Bloom. At the time of its opening on Dec. 6, 1915 it was considered the most modern school in Cincinnati. Named for the principal of the 27th district school until he left in 1911. The father of the current mayor of Cincinnati, Senator William Mallory attended this school. Located at 1941 Baymiller St. It closed in June 2006 and was up for auction on 11-06-12, I do not know the results. 


St Bonaventura School-Lickrun.jpg (331702 bytes)
Lickrun - St. Bonaventura



Lockland School.jpg (221413 bytes)                Lockland-Public School-2.jpg (261619 bytes)    Lockland Public School-4.jpg (273298 bytes)
Real Photo                             Old                             Rebuilt older                        


Lockland Public School.jpg (199845 bytes)        Lockland Public School-n2.jpg (307548 bytes)        Lockland School-canal.jpg (291613 bytes)
                 Lockland Public Schools   (Newer)                    Same angle showing canal

Lockland.jpg (181818 bytes)        Lockland High School 3.jpg (216667 bytes)        Lockland High School 2.jpg (120314 bytes)        Lockland High School.jpg (167066 bytes)
These Are Not Postcards


Lincoln School-aa.jpg (116951 bytes)        Lincoln School.jpg (205433 bytes)        Lincoln School2.jpg (201381 bytes)
      Lincoln School

   The Lincoln School opened in 1896 and closed in 1998. It is located at 455 Delta Ave. It is now in the process of being sold probably to be used as office space. The last two images above are not postcards.


Linwood School.jpg (121759 bytes)                Linwood 2.jpg (180438 bytes)
Linwood Public School

   Linwood is located at 4900 Eastern Avenue and was built in 1900. It closed in 2005 and was up for auction on 11-06-12, I don't know the results.


Loveland High school 1.jpg (100540 bytes)        Loveland High school.jpg (120465 bytes)        Loveland High School-q1.jpg (105992 bytes)        Loveland PHS.jpg (247259 bytes)
Loveland High School


Madisonville High School

Madisonville Schools.jpg (235739 bytes)    Madisonville Schools-RPPC.jpg (140878 bytes)
School Growth    

Madisonville Public School.jpg (196554 bytes)
Madisonville School #1

Madisonville High.jpg (100871 bytes)    Madisonville High School.jpg (249253 bytes)    Madisonville High School-RPPC.jpg (244607 bytes)    Madisonville High School 5.jpg (254623 bytes)

Not Postcards
Madisonville School-1901.jpg (220968 bytes)        Madisonville School-2-1901.jpg (182411 bytes)
Madisonville School #2

Madisonville School.jpg (86199 bytes)        Madisonville School.jpg (169400 bytes)        Madisonville school-rp.jpg (552289 bytes)
Madisonville school #3

   The first Madisonville School is shown in the 2nd row above. Constructed in the area between Ward, Prentice and Mathis Streets with the tracks of the Cincinnati & Marietta Railroad forming the southern side of the lot. The school was constructed in 3 sections with the 1st section beginning classes in 1872 and  the last part being completed in 1889. The next two rows above show the school that replaced it. Designed by architect  Henry Hake it was opened in 1903 at 4836 Ward St. It is now used by the "New Life Temple" as a Christian School. The last row above shows the school that replaced #2. Built in 1909 next door at 4837 Ward Street. Both of the schools continued to operate until 1919 when all high school students were transferred to the newly constructed East High School now called Withrow. The #3 school was demolished some time in the late 80s.


Miamitown- School House.jpg (435711 bytes)

   The Miami and Miamitown names are basically the same, the Miami name was permanently changed to Miamitown sometime after WWI. The Miami School card above is very rare and so is any information about the school itself. I believe it was located on Mill Street and the principles name was William S. Lawyer, and that's it. Any help anyone?


Mariemont Public School.jpg (715345 bytes)*                        Mariemont High School.jpg (245298 bytes)
Dale Park Jr. High Mariemont
*Thanks to Scott Kabakoff                                                                        

   The Dale Park Junior High School located at 6755 Chestnut was built in 1925 and its future is in doubt, and might close. The 2nd image above is not a postcard.


McKinley School.jpg (849724 bytes)    McKinley School 1.jpg (131685 bytes)    McKinley School 2a.jpg (370157 bytes)    McKinley School 2.jpg (144944 bytes)    McKinley School.jpg (107254 bytes)
                McKinley School (1876)                                              McKinley School (1919)                            Both Buildings

   The first McKinley School was constructed in 1876 along Tennyson St. In 1919 an addition was added to the school at 3905 Eastern Avenue. In 2005 the school was closed and in 2009 the property was auctioned off and is now called the "Irish Heritage Center".  On August 24, 1979 the school building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Only the first image above is a postcard.


St.Joseph Academy.jpg (145038 bytes)        School-Mcnicholas.jpg (124822 bytes)
Archbishop McNicholas High School

   In 1915 St. Joseph Academy was opened as a day and boarding school, for women, by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Medaille. In 1950 Archbishop McNicholas designated the academy would become the first co-ed parochial high school in Cincinnati. The Archbishop died before the school opened and his successor, Archbishop Karl J. Alter approved on January 15, 1951 that the school be named for Archbishop McNicholas. The school, located at 6536 Beechmont Ave., was purchased from the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Medaille by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati on July 1, 1998. You can easily see the original building in the aerial view of the school.


Milford (Union) Public School

Milford PS-RP.jpg (216279 bytes)        Milford PS.jpg (331138 bytes)        Milford Public School 5.jpg (286115 bytes)

   The old school building above was constructed in 1868 in front of where the present day school now stands. The belfry was added in 1884, the building was demolished in 1913.

Milford School rppc.jpg (151881 bytes)    Milford Elementary Sc-RP.jpg (202739 bytes)    Milford School.jpg (162816 bytes)    Milford PS1.jpg (310545 bytes)    milford Public School 4.jpg (247608 bytes)

   The new public school  was built in 1912-13 on the site of the old Union School.

Milford RM 3-grade d2.jpg (248616 bytes)                        MayDay Milford H.S..jpg (338145 bytes)
        Room 3.  Grade D2                                Students Around May Pole


Mt. Healthy School

Mt. Healthy-Public School.jpg (180941 bytes)            Mt Healthy Sc.jpg (464022 bytes)            Mt Healthy School 1.jpg (115656 bytes)

   This four-room Mt. Healthy School was built in 1866 on the s.w. corner of Compton Road & Harrison Ave. In 1888 two rooms were added and in 1894 two more were again added, It was demolished in 1910 in order to construct a new building. 

Mt Healthy PS-rp.jpg (60875 bytes)    Mt. Healthy Public School.jpg (238852 bytes)    Mt Healthy School 2.jpg (86364 bytes)    Mt.Healthy PS.jpg (223304 bytes)    Mt Healthy School Harrison Ave..jpg (424953 bytes)

Mt. Healthy School-Grace Hunt.jpg (130015 bytes)        Mt. Healthy School-Grace Hunt 2.jpg (140092 bytes)
These two are not postcards

   The new school was opened in Sept. 1911 complete with a Rookwood drinking fountain and a stained glass dome in the auditorium. The school was renamed the Grace Hunt School later that year. She was a popular Eighth grade teacher and grade school principal. The building was listed on the national register in 1985. It is now being used for pre-school and childcare.

School-Mt Healthy.jpg (141853 bytes)                                 Mt. Healthy School  1928.jpg (137824 bytes)
                                                                                     Not a Postcard

   In 1929 a new high school was opened at 7615 Harrison Ave. with the front facing McMaken Street. It held the largest gymnasium in the county. The buildings are now being used as administrative offices of the Mt. Healthy School System.


Mt Washington Public School.jpg (278284 bytes)        Mt. Washington Public School 2.jpg (308056 bytes)        Mt. Washington Public School.jpg (197115 bytes)
Mt. Washington Public School. South-west cor. Campus Lane & Beechmont Ave.





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