Schools 5


Mount Auburn School  (16th district) 

Mt Auburn School (16th District) 2.jpg (99569 bytes)    School-Mt Auburn.jpg (101988 bytes)    Mt Auburn School (16th District).jpg (123291 bytes)    Mt. Auburn School.jpg (223164 bytes)    Mt. Auburn 2.jpg (252049 bytes)
                                        Southern Ave.                                                                        Building Today Not Used


Newtown Public School.jpg (225836 bytes)
Newtown Public School


Old Pleasant Ridge School.jpg (110465 bytes)    Pleasant Ridge School 3.jpg (357957 bytes)
Old  Pleasant Ridge School

New Pleasant Ridge School.jpg (121525 bytes)
New Pleasant Ridge School


School-Princeton Jr High.jpg (93580 bytes)        Princeton HS.jpg (93458 bytes)
   Princeton Jr. High                Princeton High School
11157 Chester Road                  11080 Chester Road 


                                                                                                                 Not a Postcard
Roger Bacon High.jpg (94521 bytes)        Roger Bacon High.jpg (234944 bytes)                Roger Bacon Avondale.jpg (198453 bytes)
 Roger Bacon High    4320 Vine Street   Built in 1928


Public School, Reading.jpg (146844 bytes)     Reading School Class.jpg (211424 bytes)    Reading Public School.jpg (221636 bytes)
        Reading Public School          


*Reading St. Peter & Paul School.jpg (60188 bytes)        Reading St. Peter & Paul School.jpg (164409 bytes)        Reading-St Peter & Paup School.jpg (275550 bytes)
St. Peter & Paul School  Reading Ohio


St Augustine School-s1.jpg (124188 bytes)                St. John School, Bremen and Green.jpg (48218 bytes)*
St. Augustine School                              St. John  School       
                                                             Bremen  &  Green


St. Bernard School 4615 Tower Avenue.

                                                                                Not a Postcard
*St Bernard Public School-1.jpg (56017 bytes)                            St. Bernard School.jpg (224616 bytes)
                Early                                                         1913 High School
St. Bernard School                                                                      

*St Bernard Public School.jpg (33658 bytes)        St. Bernard Tower School.jpg (185873 bytes)        Saint Bernard School.jpg (103629 bytes)        1st St. Bernard School Complex.jpg (372876 bytes)
    1930 High School                                                        

   The last image above (photograph) shows the first St. Bernard school complex. In the upper left corner is the gymnasium and auditorium, the elementary school is in the center (seen in the postcard to the left) and on the right in the center was the high school.

St Bernard Elementary.jpg (193453 bytes)
Present day Elementary School



Saylor Park High School.jpg (259051 bytes)
Sayler Park High School

Sayler Park Home City School 1883.jpg (153094 bytes)        Sayler Park School (2).jpg (240788 bytes)        Sayler Park School (3).jpg (244547 bytes)

   Sayler Park originally was known as Home City. The name was changed in 1911 when it was annexed to Cincinnati. The first school in Home City was on Parkland Avenue and was constructed in 1883 and housed both elementary school and high school (1st photograph in row above). This building was added to in 1900. High school was conducted in this building until 1912 when, on January 1, the school became part of the Cincinnati Public School District. All high-school students were then transferred to Hughes High School. The school, at that time, can be seen in the postcard in the 1st row above.
   The Home City School was closed in 1929 when a new school, Sayler Park School was opened at 6684 Home City Avenue that can be seen in the center aerial photo above. The building you see to the left of the school is the Sayler Park Community Center. In 2010 after more than 80 years of use the school started construction on renovating and adding additional buildings which nearly doubled the size of the old school. Students used modular buildings behind the old school for two years until it was finally completed. See the last aerial image above.



 Seton HS-ph.jpg (86934 bytes)    Seton Auditorium.jpg (204665 bytes)    School-Seton High.jpg (100489 bytes)        Seton HS vrlg.jpg (721247 bytes)
                                                                                                                                   5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

   Seaton High School started out as Mount St. Vincent Academy in 1854, when it opened in the Sisters of Charity convent called Cedar Grove. This all-girls school was a sister school to the all-boys academy in neighboring Delhi, Mount Alverno. The convent, built in the 1840s, was originally the home of the Alderson family. Harrison Alderson was a judge and the home was known as the Cedars, and is located on what is now Glenway Avenue. In 1927 the name was changed to Seton High School after Elizabeth Ann Seton the founder of the Sisters of Charity. In 1963 St. Elizabeth Seton Hall was erected for use by the freshmen on Vincent Avenue. Enrollment decreased and by 1980 the freshman hall was closed. The school is still teaching young women.


Western Hills School 1.jpg (108040 bytes)    Western Hills School 2.jpg (78444 bytes)    Western Hills School 3.jpg (68735 bytes)                Western Hills High School.jpg (180286 bytes)
                                         Western Hills High School                                                                             Not a postcard

  Western Hills High School was constructed in 1928 at 2144 Ferguson Road (the 2 wings were added in 1938). When the school first opened it was a combined junior-senior high school. In the mid 60s the construction of two new Junior High Schools (Dater and Roberts) was completed and Western Hills then became a senior high school only.


 Whitter School Price Hill 1.jpg (101988 bytes)        Whitter School Price Hill 2.jpg (100784 bytes)
Whittier Public School  Osage & Woodlawn, Price Hill

   Opened on September 8, 1894 the school was destroyed by fire on 6/14/1958. A new school was erected at 945 Hawthorne Avenue and was demolished in 2008.


Sharonville School.jpg (114737 bytes)    Sharonville Schoolhouse.jpg (201623 bytes)


School-Taft.jpg (96878 bytes)                      *Vine St. School.jpg (29677 bytes)
Robert Taft High School                                     Vine Street School      


Warner Street School.jpg (192216 bytes)        Warner Street School.jpg (196339 bytes)        Fairview School (Warner).jpg (221992 bytes)
Fairview Public School  School   AKA 12th District School AKA Warner Street School

   The Warner Street School as the postcard states was built in 1888 at 255 Warner Street on the corner with Stratford Avenue. It was really called  Fairview Public School. The annex, seen in the last photo, was added in 1957-58 and originally contained a gymnasium and library. It later became known as Fairview German Bilingual School. In 2002 this part of the school was moved to new Buildings in Clifton,  while the original school building was closed in 2008. Both structures have been sold for redevelopment. In 2010 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.


Warsaw School Price Hill.jpg (196565 bytes)
Warsaw School
 Price Hill


Webster School (Horace Mann).jpg (97803 bytes)      *Webster Public School, Findlay St.jpg (67828 bytes)
             Webster School    Findlay & Bremen Sts.            


Westwood School

Old Westwood School.jpg (107747 bytes)                Old Westwood Elementary School.jpg (217216 bytes)
Old building 1870-1907                              Not a postcard      

New Westwood School 1.jpg (126110 bytes)    School-Westwood-a.jpg (126620 bytes)    School-Westwood-b.jpg (121840 bytes)    New Westwood School 2.jpg (107456 bytes)    School-Westwood-c.jpg (115365 bytes)
New school built in 1909

Westwood Public School.jpg (256263 bytes)
Not a Postcard

   Westwood School located at 2981 Montana Avenue was built in1909, which replaced the school seen in the first postcard. One room was used by the Westwood Library until 1921.


Washburn School.jpg (100008 bytes)        11th District School (washburn).jpg (94980 bytes)        11th District School.jpg (78539 bytes)
Washburn School Clinton between Linn & Baymiller
(Eleventh District)


Wyoming High School.jpg (89891 bytes)        Wyoming school.jpg (252094 bytes)
Wyoming Public Schools 

Wyoming Middle School 1.jpg (764491 bytes)        Wyoming Middle School 2.jpg (164773 bytes)
Present day photographs of Middle School

   There has been a school for over 100 years where the Wyoming Middle School stands at 17 Wyoming Avenue. I do not know what schools the two cards in the top row represent so the information that follows is not accurate. If someone could help me with some information on those two structures I will correct this section. Finding any information has proven difficult. In 1889-90 the building you see in the first RPPC was built and lasted until construction began on a new school. World War I delayed construction so the east wing was constructed first for the high school and then the west wing was erected for the elementary grades. Then the central marble staircase connecting the two wings was finished and was dedicated in 1928.


1st District School-Libert ST. nr Broadway.jpg (72737 bytes)        1st District School 3.jpg (137519 bytes)        1st District School 2.jpg (129375 bytes)        1st District School.jpg (207563 bytes)
Liberty Hill School  (1st District School)

   The 1st District School was built in 1867 at 412 Liberty St. (near Broadway) and was closed in 1945. The building is now being used for condominiums (last 3 non-postcard images).


Sixth District School, Elm Street.jpg (58101 bytes)        6th District School  1896 Elm & Odeon.jpg (283811 bytes)
6th District School 

    The Sixth District School, built in 1896, was located on the corner of Elm and Odeon Sts. (north of 15th Street). This was one of 40 bilingual schools in Cincinnati before WWI. A principal there was Dr. Heinrich H. Fick, later Superintendent of the German Department of the Public Schools. It is now the Elm Street Health Center. The 2nd image is not a postcard.


10th District School.jpg (110751 bytes)
10th District School 
Elm and Canal


18th District School.jpg (116159 bytes)        18th District School-Hopple St. Camp Washington.jpg (92125 bytes)        18th District School 1326 Hopple Street.jpg (241364 bytes)
18th District  (Washington) School  Camp Washington  

   The 18th District school was located at 1326 Hopple Street. This building was razed and there is a gas station and Subway at this location now. Despite the building no longer standing it is still listed with the National Register of Historic Places (3-3-1980). The last two images above are not postcards.


22nd District School.jpg (101411 bytes)        22 District class.jpg (586182 bytes)        22nd District School-1872 Locust & Melrose Sts. W.H.jpg (53366 bytes)
22nd District                          Room 17                            Not a postcard 
Cummins School       

Cummins School Aerial.jpg (248521 bytes)        Cummins School 824 William H. Taft Road.jpg (444758 bytes)        22nd District School.jpg (208602 bytes)
These are not postcards

   The 22 District School (Cummins) built in 1872 is located at 824 William H. Taft Rd. in Walnut Hills.  Another building designed by Samuel Hannaford, it was used by the Cincinnati Public Schools as a model for later school construction due to its useful and economical floor plan. For instance the Eighteenth District School in Camp Washington (1872) was built using these plans extensively. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 9, 1986. It is currently being used for offices and a daycare facility.


Twenty-Third District School, Cincinnati.jpg (47686 bytes)*  23rd District School-Vine St. Corryville 1878-85.jpg (103179 bytes)            27th District School.jpg (106991 bytes)    27th District School-Winchell Ave.,N. of Bank-started 1871.jpg (40410 bytes)
       23rd District                  Not a postcard                            27th District                 Not a postcard
Vine St. near University Ave.  in Corryville                                  Winchell Ave. N. of Bank St.           


  2nd national bank-z1.jpg (107899 bytes)               School of Commerce.jpg (336805 bytes)    School of Commerce back.jpg (97705 bytes)
School of Commerce-2nd National Bank 9th & Main


Campbell School-Practice Room.jpg (252274 bytes)                                Mueller School.jpg (85575 bytes)    Muellerr School back.jpg (123453 bytes)
Campbell Commercial School                                    Mueller School of Business. 528 Walnut St.
Stenographers Practice Dept.                                                                                                                
31 East 4th Street                                                                                                                    









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