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  Built in1949 at 2250 Seymour Avenue in Bond Hill this facility contains ice-making equipment, a removable basketball floor, lighting and sound systems for shows and conventions. In the 50s and 60s it was the home court for the Xavier Musketeers, Cincinnati Bearcats basketball teams, and to the professional Cincinnati Royals. Other entertainments such as wrestling, concerts, circuses, and ice shows such as the Ice Follies and Icecapades were regularly held. Boxing matches were also held. The Beatles played here in 1965 and 1966 but the acoustics were very bad. The Royals moved in 1972 to Kansas City and increased competition from the newly opened Convention Center in 1967 and Riverfront Coliseum in 1975 led to its diminished importance. It continues in operation with car and gun shows, tractor pulls, some college basketball games, and music acts.

Cincinnati Gardens-2.jpg (127484 bytes)    Cincinnati Gardens-3.jpg (101329 bytes)    Cincinnati Gardens-4.jpg (86240 bytes)    Cincinnati Gardens-5.jpg (82345 bytes)    cincinnati Gardens-dd.jpg (104014 bytes)


Cincinnati Gardens-6.jpg (104056 bytes)                Cincinnati Gardens-1.jpg (109769 bytes)                Cincinnati Gardens-7.jpg (133738 bytes)


Baseball-2.jpg (97963 bytes)                                Baseball-RP-z.jpg (98244 bytes)
I know nothing about these cards but I am reasonably sure they were taken in the Cincinnati area.


1899 Sporting News.jpg (196787 bytes)
Modern postcard
1899 Sporting News



Basket ball-3a.jpg (94663 bytes)        Basket ball-3b.jpg (80368 bytes)
Friars' Club of Cincinnati basketball team

   As part of their athletic programs, the Friars' Club was one of the earliest Catholic organizations in the city to form a basketball team. The team, shown above, won the city's amateur championship by defeating the Cincinnati Athletic Club 30 - 21. The Friars continued to field strong clubs over the next two decades.



1968 Bowling Tournament.jpg (720491 bytes)
Cincinnati Convention Exposition Center  

   The extra wide postcard above shows the site of the 1968 Annual American Bowling Congress Tournament. Over 35,000 bowlers attended this 65th consecutive yearly event. It lasted 75 days and there were 228,775 games played.


Bowling-1.jpg (109858 bytes)        Mergard Bowlometer.jpg (521270 bytes)        bowling-1a.jpg (148467 bytes)
Mergards Bowling


bowling-1b.jpg (146918 bytes)        King Pin Lanes.jpg (101371 bytes)
A.B.C. Tournament                      King Pin Lanes
                                                        7735 Beechmont Ave.



  In 1893 Nicholas Longworth II, Charles Hinkle, and the owner of the land Edmund P. Harrison laid out a five hole golf course. The following year a nine hole course was laid out in one of Longworth's pastures, and on October 28, 1895 the Cincinnati Golf Club was formally organized. William Howard Taft was the club's first president.
  The club laid out the first 18 hole course west of the Alleghenies on farmland the club had purchased at 2348 Grandin Road. The first clubhouse was an old farmhouse. Ropes stretched from stakes kept cows off the putting greens; manure heaps were not recognized as legitimate hazards, though plowed fields were. The cards below show the building that replaced the farmhouse.
  A small listing of the membership for 1906 will give you an idea of how rich you had to be to play. Fleischmann, Groesbeck, Kilgour, Longworth, Pogue, Proctor, Shillito, and Taft.

Walnut Hills Country Club-1.jpg (110954 bytes)    Walnut Hills Country Club-2.jpg (96499 bytes)    Walnut Hills Country Club-3.jpg (101987 bytes)    Walnut Hills Country Club-4.jpg (113850 bytes)    Walnut Hills Country Club-5.jpg (93883 bytes)
The Cincinnati Country Club

*Grandin Road Golf.jpg (77794 bytes)
Golf Game At Grandin


Country Club-1a.jpg (115835 bytes)            Country Club-1b.jpg (68219 bytes)            Country Club-1c.jpg (131293 bytes)                Terrace Park Country Club.jpg (47364 bytes)*
         The Pillars Country Club                 Elberon Country Club                   Kenwood Country Club             Terrace Park Country Club   
 Oakley                             Tennis court/golfers on left.                                                                                             

   There was an Indian Mound out of the picture on the left side of the Elberon Country Club that was built on 30 acres near Rapid Run and Overlook Roads. In 1912 the name was changed to Western Hills Country Club and the club was then moved to a farm site on Cleves-Warsaw and Neeb Roads.


Losantiville Golf Club.jpg (262468 bytes)      Pleasant Ridge-Losantiville.jpg (200257 bytes)      Losantiville Clubhouse.jpg (288626 bytes)      Calif Golf Course.jpg (101988 bytes)
 Losantiville Club House


Hyde Park Country Club.jpg (115199 bytes)            The Wyoming Club.jpg (116893 bytes)            Wyoming Club-2.jpg (225642 bytes)
                     Hyde Park Country Club                                                 The Wyoming Club


Maketewah Country Club.jpg (207117 bytes)                        Pleasant Ridge-Losantiville Country Club.jpg (244961 bytes)      Losantiville Club House, Pleasant Ridge.jpg (59361 bytes)*    Losantiville Club House.jpg (129406 bytes)
Maketewah Country Club                                                                Pleasant Ridge     Losantiville Club House                                   



  This track, River Downs, is located on the east side of Coney Island opened in 1925. Back then it was called the Coney Island Track. Financial difficulties forced the track to close from 1926 until 1933 with the exception of some harness races. After it finally became successful in 1936 it was completely destroyed by the flood of 1937. As you can see in the second card the track has a 7/8 mile green carpet turf course and a 1 mile main course.

River Downs-1.jpg (94136 bytes)        River Downs-2.jpg (111738 bytes)        River Downs-Leaving Paddock.jpg (278156 bytes)        River Downs-3.jpg (118231 bytes)


River Downs-4.jpg (88686 bytes)        River Downs-5.jpg (106049 bytes)        River Downs-6.jpg (92292 bytes)        River Downs Grandstand.jpg (380315 bytes)



  Ohio saw the birth of harness racing here in 1839. Other names for this facility were the Buckeye Course and the Buckeye trotting Park. Consisting of 68 acres it is located at the southeast corner of Vine and 77th Sts. The annual agricultural Carthage Fair was first held here in 1846 although the Hamilton County Agricultural Society had been founded in 1819 with General William Henry Harrison as its president. The Hagenbeck and Wallace Circus wintered at the fairgrounds, and the First Regiment of the Ohio National Guard encamped here in 1917 to train for WWI.

Carthage Fair Grounds-a.jpg (114821 bytes)    Carthage Fair Grounds-b.jpg (101228 bytes)    Carthage Fair Grounds-d.jpg (118607 bytes)    Carthage Fair Grounds-c.jpg (98366 bytes)    Carthage Racing-Paint Ad.jpg (112219 bytes)
                                                                                                                                                Same view. Right card with Johnston Paint Co. ad.


Carthage Fair.jpg (131127 bytes)    Carthage Fair (3).jpg (167937 bytes)    Carthage Fair (4).jpg (252939 bytes)    Carthage Fair (5).jpg (177142 bytes)    Carthage Fair (6).jpg (207967 bytes)

   These seven non-postcard images show the Carthage Fair track in the early 1930s.

Carthage Racetrack 1.jpg (188165 bytes)    Carthage Racetrack 2.jpg (264024 bytes)



These are not postcards
Oakley Racetrack Clubhouse.jpg (608376 bytes)    Oakley Racetrack Stands.jpg (728192 bytes)    Oakley Racetrack -1889-1904.jpg (184746 bytes)    Oakley Racetrack 2.jpg (226082 bytes)    Oakley Horse Race Track.jpg (278808 bytes)
Front of Clubhouse                                                                                                                                                                                      

Oakley Track 1896.jpg (737359 bytes)
1896 Race

   The Oakley Race Track, referred to as the "Gentlemen's Full Mile Racing Park" was opened in 1889 around the area where Cincinnati Milacron once stood. The area was called Oakley because of the large number of oak trees that were in the area. Only a few years after the track opened crooked betting and a new state law that was passed prohibiting betting forced the closing of the track in 1904.



Tri-County Speedway.jpg (1107583 bytes)    Tri-County Speedway back.jpg (302356 bytes)
I-75 Exit 23  Westchester



   The Cincinnati Motor Speedway was built in Sharonville on 640 acres in 1916. It was a 2 mile high banked oval made of wood. The so-called "board track" had 34 degree banked turns and 6 degree banked straightaways. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which ran its first 500 mile race in 1911, cancelled its 1917 schedule because of WW I and was briefly used as an airplane repair facility. Cincinnati Motor Speedway applied for the May 30 race date and was awarded a 250 mile race. That race was won by Louis Chevrolet, who had designed passenger cars before selling his patent to General Motors. Unofficially, the number of people attending that race was estimated by the old Commercial-Tribune at 65,000. Chevrolet averaged 102 MPH, and collected $12,500 prize money, a large sum in those days.
   The wooden boards did not weather well outdoors, and the track closed in December of 1919. The last event held there was a 48 hour endurance run for Essex autos in December. The site is currently a U.S. Post Office among other businesses. The track lumber was shipped to Chillicothe to be used in the construction of Camp Sherman during WW I.

Cincinnati Speedway.jpg (41907 bytes)*            Sharonville Auto. Racetrack.jpg (230612 bytes)

    As seen in the 2nd non-postcard image above, the general public were able to ride these automobiles for ten cents.

There are non-postcard panoramic views of automobile racing at the old Cincinnati Speedway. To see    



Philipps Swiming pool-1.jpg (123208 bytes)                PHILLIPS POOL.jpg (1677921 bytes)
637 Greenwood Ave.                         5245 Glenway Avenue


Swimming Pool-Miamiville.jpg (277414 bytes)
Camp Edgar Friedlander

   The camp in the above card is located in Miamiville which is located on Glendale-Milford Rd. just north of Camp Dennison along the Little Miami river.


   I have no idea what the two cards below are all about. They are wearing what looks to be riding uniforms, but for what purpose is anybody's guess. I do know that the patch on their left shoulder says Cincinnati.

Sports-RP Jockeys-1.jpg (74468 bytes)                        Sports-RP Jockeys-2.jpg (91522 bytes)



Skateland.jpg (87174 bytes)
3211 Lina Place
200' south of Galbraith



Norwood Roller Rink.jpg (127180 bytes)    Norwood Roller Rink back.jpg (80885 bytes)



Rollerama.jpg (243381 bytes)
1990 Reading Road



Castle Skateland-Loveland.jpg (660128 bytes)

   Located in Loveland this skating rink is obviously patterned after the famous Chateau Laroche castle also in Loveland. The back states that its 85' x 180' maple hardwood floor is the most modern of all skating rinks.



Princess Roller Rink 1907.jpg (311584 bytes)
Walnut Hills
New Years Card



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