Spring Grove Cemetery 3


Spring Grove Pond 14.jpg (765755 bytes)                                                    Spring Grove Pond 15.jpg (447855 bytes)
Scenic View 7                                                                                    Scenic View 8


Harkness, Anthony.jpg (372774 bytes)        Hauck, John Monument.jpg (193006 bytes)        Heck Monument.jpg (294119 bytes)        Hetzel, John.jpg (1169336 bytes)
Harkness, Anthony             Hauck, John                        Heck                            Hetzel, John     

   John Hauck was co-founder of the Dayton Street Brewery.


Hoffmann, M.jpg (546321 bytes)
Hoffmann, M.


Hooper, William.jpg (1180980 bytes)    William Hooper.JPG (590406 bytes)    Hord.jpg (341206 bytes)     Hosea, R..jpg (1336460 bytes)    Hoyt, Waite Yankee Pitcher-Reds Broadcaster.jpg (594039 bytes)
                          Hooper, William                                Hord, George M.           Hosea, R.               Hoyt, Waite

   William Hooper came to Cincinnati from England and became a clerk at a bank. His work as the financier of the bank during the panic of 1837 helped save the bank from collapse and he soon became the president. He later sold the bank and during the Civil War he was a captain in the Union Army and he helped defend Cincinnati when it was threatened by Confederate forces in 1862. He helped raise money for the volunteer forces that were recruited and provided funds for the construction of the artillery batteries that were constructed in the hills of Northern Kentucky. Battery Hooper named for him that was built in Fort Mitchell still stands today. The James A Ramage Civil War Museum is on the site. He also purchased 4 steamboats that were used as rams by the Union Navy and served as paymaster. He died in 1894. Waite Hoyt was a great Yankee Pitcher during the Babe Ruth Years and became one of the greatest radio announcers for the Cincinnati Reds.


Thomas Hughes Monument.jpg (392161 bytes)        Huggins, Miller Yankee Manager.jpg (501967 bytes)        Hulbert, William P..jpg (1341578 bytes)        Hurley, Carrie Weather Beaten 1 Eyed Little Girl.jpg (440652 bytes)
Thomas Hughes              Huggins, Miller           Hulbert, William P.                 Hurley, Carrie        

   Thomas Hughes was responsible for the the creation of the school named after him, Hughes High School. Originally buried at the old 12th Street burying grounds in December of 1824 they were reinterred  at Spring Grove Cemetery in August of 1858 in the lot of John Melendy, at whose house Hughes had died. In May of 1871 Hughes was again moved to Section 11 where he was buried beneath the monument seen above that was erected by the Hughes Alumnal Association in gratitude to their benefactor. The monument at almost 22' tall is topped by a female figure 7' tall that is the Genius of Education. Miller Huggins was, of course a Manager for many years for the Yankees. Poor little Carrie Hurley, the weather and air pollution has destroyed most of her face and she has only one eye. People always leave flowers for her.


Spring Grove Odd Fellows Monument.jpg (311847 bytes)        I.O.O.F. Monument.jpg (279584 bytes)        a (10).jpg (213854 bytes)
I. O. O. F. Monument    

   The first image is a postcard. I would guess that in order to be buried here you would have to be a member of the Odd Fellows.


Ingalsbe, L. D..jpg (1231101 bytes)        Johnston, W. S..jpg (1180169 bytes)        Juppenlatz, George.jpg (1136363 bytes)        Knollmann.jpg (342827 bytes)
 Ingalsbe, L. D.           Johnston, W. S.     Juppenlatz, George             Knollmann       


Knorr, Henry.jpg (390927 bytes)        Kroger, Bernard-Founder of Krogers Market.jpg (363582 bytes)        Lackman, A.jpg (290783 bytes)        Lamb, Andrew.jpg (1089848 bytes)
   Knorr, Henry                Kroger, Bernard                   Lackman, A.                 Lamb, Andrew

   Bernard Kroger was the founder of the Kroger grocery store chain.


Lawler, David A Founder of S.G..jpg (668881 bytes)    Lawler 4.jpg (317195 bytes)        Lawrence, Josiah.jpg (1338634 bytes)        Lawson, Fenton.jpg (941481 bytes)
             Lawler, David For His Parents                       Lawrence, Josiah        Lawson, Fenton  

   David Lawler (1786-1869) was a businessman who was active in Spring Grove's founding erected this bluestone sphinx in 1850 to honor his parents Matthew and Ann of Philadelphia who had died in the 1830's and two brothers who had died young.


L'Hommedieu, Charles.jpg (1004732 bytes)        lienenbrink.jpg (253478 bytes)        Longworth III, Nicholas Speaker of the House Married Alice Roosevelt.jpg (235451 bytes)    Longworth.jpg (9069494 bytes)        Louderback, M. J..jpg (893039 bytes)
      L'Hommedieu                 Linenbrink                         Longworth III,  Nicholas                  Louderback, M. J.

   Nicholas Longworth III was Speaker of the House and he also married President Roosevelt's daughter Alice.


Spring Grove Pond 16.jpg (770167 bytes)                            Ludwig.jpg (631241 bytes)                        Spring Grove Pond 17.jpg (716418 bytes)
Scenic View 9                                                     Ludwig                                              Scenic View 10


Mann, William C..jpg (1279811 bytes)      Markbreit, Leopold Cincinnati Mayor.jpg (295377 bytes)      Martin Family Monument.jpg (358468 bytes)      Matthews, Stanley.jpg (501231 bytes)    Matthews,Stanley Member of Supreme Court.jpg (353651 bytes)
 Mann, William C.       Markbreit, Leopold                      Martin                                   Matthews, Stanley                       

   I don't appear to have Cincinnati Mayor Leopold Markbreit's Monument so his grave marker will have to do for now. Stanley Matthews was a lawyer who became an Ohio Senator, A lieutenant Colonel in the Union Army and finally became a member of the Supreme Court.


McAlpin Monument.jpg (312642 bytes)        McCaffrey.jpg (252886 bytes)        McGrew.jpg (1168528 bytes)        McGuffey, Alexander Brother of William- McGuffey Readers.jpg (373833 bytes)
        McAlpin                        McCaffrey                       McGrew               McGuffey, Alexander

   I don't know if this McAlpin is the founder of McAlpin's Department store or not. Alexander McGuffey was one of the brothers who wrote and produced the famous McGuffey Readers.


McLean, John Supreme Court Justice-6th Postmaster General.jpg (285670 bytes)        Petit, Charles Bishop 45 Years & Emily McIlvaine.jpg (261604 bytes)        Mehas Family Monument.jpg (308690 bytes)        Metz, A.K..jpg (276523 bytes)
         McLean, John            Mcllvaine, Charles Pettit                   Mehas                        Metz, A. K.       

   John McLean was the 6th Postmaster General and also a Supreme Court Justice. Bishop Charles Petit Mcllvaine was twice chaplain of the U.S. Senate, Bishop of Ohio, Author, president of Kenyon College, he is the only American to ever lie-in-state at Westminster Abbey, he was also professor and chaplain at West Point (at the same time Lee & Grant were there).


Spring Grove Pond 18.jpg (594427 bytes)                                                                Spring Grove Pond 7.jpg (575003 bytes)
Scenic View 11                                                                                                  Scenic View 12


Miller Monument.jpg (193646 bytes)        Miller, Charles M. D. Monument.jpg (378636 bytes)        Miller, Sophie.jpg (1080590 bytes)        Mohlenhoff, Fred  Monument.jpg (181270 bytes)
           Miller                     Miller, Charles A. Doctor           Miller, Sophie         Mohlenhoff, Fred

   By a odd connection both of the first two Miller Monuments contain a second name "Lulu". I don't believe they are connected, I think the first one is a young girl while the 2nd one was 20 years old when she died.


Morgan, R.J. Monument.jpg (383445 bytes)        Moss, John.jpg (253832 bytes)
   Morgan, R. J.                       Moss, John


Mudge, Enoch.jpg (1101006 bytes)        Muhlhauser Monument.jpg (255797 bytes)        Neave, Charles.jpg (1201441 bytes)
 Mudge, Enoch                Muhlhauser               Neave, Charles


Neff Jr., Peter.jpg (324550 bytes)        Neff, George W..jpg (1015917 bytes)        Neff, Isabella.jpg (1236018 bytes)        Neff, William.jpg (964496 bytes)
  Neff Jr., Peter             Neff, George W.      Neff, Isabella (wife of Peter}        Neff, William

   I'm sure these four are connected, for instance Peter Neff Jr. must be the son of Peter who was the husband of Isabella. If they are related I don't understand why there is not a single family monument. Any help "out there"?


Nippert, Jimmy UC's Nippert Stadium Died from football injury.jpg (368574 bytes)        No Coment.jpg (221718 bytes)        Norris, John C..jpg (1175025 bytes)        Noyes, Edward-Govenor of Ohio.jpg (340279 bytes)
    Nippert, Jimmy                    Insect Statue?             Norris, John C.               Noyes, Edward

   University of Cincinnati's Nippert Stadium is named for Jimmy Nippert who died from a football injury. I don't know what to say about the 2nd image. Edward Noyes was a Governor of Ohio.


Oberheu, Clara.jpg (1133873 bytes)                Oskamp.jpg (256481 bytes)                Charles E. Pfau 1867-1942.jpg (248229 bytes)
 Oberheu, Clara                              Oskamp                                    Pfau, Charles     

   I presume, but don't know, that this is William Oskamp one half of the famous jewelry firm of Oskamp Nolting Jewelers.


P& G William Proctor Monument.jpg (210310 bytes)        P & G James Gamble Monument.jpg (174039 bytes)
William Proctor       &      James Gamble   

   It is only fitting that the two people responsible for forming the most easily recognized company in the world would have the same type of monuments. They are not  buried next to each as it seems but are in separate parts of the cemetery.  I am referring of course to the founders of  P & G.

Patterson, Nicholas.jpg (1240411 bytes)        Pierce, Joseph.jpg (1248097 bytes)        Ray, James Brown-4th Governor of Indiana also Senator.jpg (251299 bytes)        Reichert.jpg (259944 bytes)
Patterson, Nicholas         Pierce, Joseph             Ray, James Brown                     Reichert           

   James Brown Ray was the 4th Governor of Indiana and also a Senator.


Reif.jpg (460040 bytes)        Resor, Margaret.jpg (1112475 bytes)         Resor (I Think).jpg (398768 bytes)        Richardson, J. C..jpg (1150368 bytes)
             Reif                      Resor, Margaret                  Resor  (?)                 Richardson, J. C.


Spring Grove Pond 8.jpg (494408 bytes)                               Robertson Monument (Petrified Log).jpg (310407 bytes)                                 Spring Grove Pond 10.jpg (684285 bytes)
 Scenic View 13                                                        Robertson                                                         Scenic View 14






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