Steamboats 3



Bedding.jpg (309321 bytes)          China-Railings-Steel Work.jpg (261927 bytes)          Cincinnati-Kitchen Equiptment.jpg (252601 bytes)    Postal-John Van Range.jpg (264059 bytes)          Cincinnati-Plumbing.jpg (244544 bytes)
Bedding            China-Railings-Steel Work                Kitchens      Postal Card  (Repro)                        Plumbing

Cincinnati-Meats.jpg (65067 bytes)                Cincinnati-Railings.jpg (103805 bytes)                Cincinnati-Reed Furniture.jpg (73069 bytes)
            Meats                                    Wire-Iron-Bronze Work                          Reed Furniture

Engines-Forging-Lighting-Woodwork.jpg (430877 bytes)                Roofing-Pumps-Lodging-Castings.jpg (325702 bytes)

Packet Pass-1912.jpg (68686 bytes)                                Cover-Louisville & Cincinnati Packet Co..jpg (77002 bytes)
    1912 Pass for a V.I.P.                                            L & C Packet Co. envelope

Packet Co. 1894 ad.jpg (55133 bytes)
1894 Ad.



Loading Steamboat.jpg (133734 bytes)        Snag Boat.jpg (116300 bytes)        Nightfall.jpg (83428 bytes)
Loading Steamboat                         Snag Boat                            Steamboat at night
These boats cleared the
river of obstacles.


Bonanza Steamboat.jpg (146851 bytes)            Lizzie Bay Steamboat.jpg (166213 bytes)            Island Belle 22-27.jpg (188063 bytes)    Island Belle Cincinnati, OH. 1925..jpg (56749 bytes)
Steamboat Bonanza                     Steamboat Lizzie Bay                                          Island Belle                  1925              
 ran from 1885 to 1916                                                                                                                                                                  



P. & C. Packet Keystone State.jpg (256907 bytes)    P. & C. Packet Virginia.jpg (274550 bytes)    Packet Line.jpg (109931 bytes)    Queen City Str..jpg (85810 bytes)    Pit-Cin-Packet-Line.jpg (327192 bytes)*
Keystone State                         Virginia                                                       Queen City                                                                    

   The first 3 cards above show the last 3 boats that were in the fleet during the last years of their operation. The line went into receivership in 1909 but continued to operate until 1912 when the assets were sold to John W. Hubbard of Pittsburgh. A note of interest: none of the steamers on this line were built with, operated, or carried a bar.

Steamer Virginia.jpg (585455 bytes)             steamship virginia-1910.jpg (25728 bytes)  
  Virginia                                        Not a postcard
                                                        Virginia  in cornfield

   The Sternwheeler Virginia was one of the boats owned by the Pittsburgh & Cincinnati Packet Co. In 1910 it was caught in a flood at Willow Grove, West Virginia. The water set the boat down 750' from the river in a cornfield. Through the use of cribbing and rollers the movers, (John Eichleay Jr. Company from Pittsburgh, Pa.) was able to move the 235' long boat to the river's edge. The steepness of the bank presented problems. According to the local papers, "Eichleay prayed for rain" and the rains came, the river rose and the Virginia floated into the river. The first  postcard above show the Virginia after it had been re-floated. The sign on the side of the boat in the 1st card states the above facts. The boat was renamed the Steel City in 1912 and was then acquired by the Coney Island Co. in 1923 and renamed The Island Belle.  In 1927 it was again resold to the Greater New Orleans Amusement Co. Docked at Paducah it was rebuilt and renamed Greater New Orleans.
   The images below show the construction of the Virginia, various views of the interior, and more shots of the boat stranded in the cornfield.

Virginia 1.5 Cincinnati 1895. At Cincinnati Marine Rail Way Co.jpg (117211 bytes)  Virginia 2 1895. Main cabin, looking aft..jpg (129995 bytes)  Virginia 4 Pittsburgh, Pa., 1896. Cabin, looking forward.jpg (138957 bytes)  Virginia 6 1895. Ladies' cabin. P&C Packet Line..jpg (122046 bytes)  Virginia 5 1905. Ladies' cabin, looking aft..jpg (84474 bytes)
Construction in 1895          Main Cabin 1895        Looking forward 1896      Ladies Cabin 1895         Ladies Cabin 1905      

Virginia 11 in cornfield.jpg (97677 bytes)    Virginia 9 in cornfield-2.jpg (89712 bytes)    Virginia 13 in cornfield, Willow Grove, W. Va.,  1910.jpg (110409 bytes)    Virginia 14 in cornfield, during salvage operations, Willow Grove, W. Va., 1910..jpg (68068 bytes)
Various scenes of Virginia in cornfield

Capt. Ellison-Packet Line.jpg (197089 bytes)    Capt. J.F. Ellison Super.P.& C. Packet Line.jpg (53269 bytes)
Capt. J. F. Ellison Superintendent





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